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Fendt 942 Vario: The new high-powered, versatile Fendt tractor.

Fendt unveiled its updated 900-series tractor models: The 930 Vario, 933 Vario, 936 Vario, 939 Vario and 942 Vario. The 942 Vario is an entirely new addition to the 900-series and it was recently presented at Pentagon Farm Centre in Lacombe, Alberta during the first stop of Fendt’s Roadshow. That’s where we got a chance to take a look at the most powerful Fendt 900-series wheeled tractor to date.

The 942 Vario comes equipped with a brand new 6-cylinder, 9 litre MAN engine that has been specially built for the German manufacturer. The previous 900-series models had been fitted with Deutz engines, but Fendt decided to make the change to get the 942 Vario up to 415-horsepower, which is well beyond the 400-horsepower ceiling that the 900-series had previously been underneath.

One of the tractor’s core concepts focuses on doing high quantities of work using low rpm levels. At its top speed of 60 kilometres per hour the 900-series sits at a low 1,450 rpm, and while the 942 Vario is making use of its maximum torque of 1,970 Nm the rpm settles at 1,100 rpm. The low rpm means less wear and a quieter ride.

The torque itself is adjusted across the tractor’s axles based on the ground conditions. The dynamic adjustments are especially handy in rough fields and during the cornering process, as the 942 Vario’s dynamic characteristics allow it to make use of a “pull and turn” effect that optimizes the tractor’s movement when turning.

The Fendt 942 Vario’s adjustability presents itself once again with its employment of Fendt’s VarioGrip and Fendt Grip Assistant systems.

The VarioGrip feature allows for a range of tire pressure adjustments to be made from the cab. Tire pressures can be easily and quickly adjusted so that the tractor can perform optimally both during the machine’s standard field work and during its transportation to and from the field, which is something that can make a major impact as far as fuel consumption optimization is concerned.

The Fendt Grip Assistant, which is for the first time being incorporated into Fendt’s 900-series, makes itself useful in a manner that is very much related to the VarioGrip system. It is capable of determining the ideal ballast and tire pressure for the Fendt 942 Vario at a predetermined speed and, likewise, it can figure out the ideal working speed and tire pressure for the tractor with a predetermined ballast.

The hydraulic system on the 942 Vario is also cleverly designed. It uses two separate hydraulic circuits that make it possible to separate hydraulic-powered tasks based on their intensities. If one implement has a particularly high hydraulic power requirement, less intensive hydraulic tasks can be attached to the second of the two circuits to guarantee that those less intensive functions are not being sacrificed for the sake of powering the single high-powered implement.

The cab itself has visibly been left untouched for the most part compared to the previous 900-series tractors. A variety of Fendt’s other tractor series feature a redesigned layout, however the German company decided to leave the 900-series’ interior in a similar state compared to its previous 900-series editions.

Despite the lack of a major overhaul of the cab layout, the Vario 942 does have a few new options available for it.

An infotainment system can be installed in the tractor that features eight speakers that cancel out interference. It allows for the tractor’s handy hands-free call system to thrive, even during field operation.

Additionally, various radio systems are available in the 942 Vario that seem to be able to suit just about any audio-based need.

An AGCO specialist also let us know that the 942 Vario’s cab is the same as the larger 1000-series cab, meaning that it should be more spacious.

On the security side of things, Fendt’s new offering can be fitted with a coded key that can prevent potentially mischievous folks from gaining access to anything from the cab to the diesel tank.

The Fendt 942 Vario is a high-powered tractor fitted with an array of clever tools that make it a highly versatile piece of machinery. It presents itself as an ideal choice for growers that are looking for a lot of horsepower but are not quite willing to sacrifice the maneuverability that would be lost by moving up to Fendt’s larger 1000-series tractors.